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 Dark Shadowy Cabal

The Worlds of Arthur Mayor

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Invasion Hustle

Arthur Mayor

The war that collapsed the Empire is finally here.

The invasion force descends on Station Noir. The leaders in charge of its defense are dead or missing, so it’s up to Gunny and his team to organize a resistance before humanity’s last safe place in the galaxy is wiped away forever.

But a bigger threat is pulling the strings and it's not finished with Gunny or the Station.

Can Gunny stop the armada, keep his crew safe, and unravel a centuries-old plot before it destroys them all?

If you enjoy non-stop action, interstellar intrigue, and galactic crime you will love Gunny’s thrilling adventures in Invasion Hustle, the 6th and final book of Space Station Noir. Get your copy today!

Coming in July 11, 2023

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Get a Free Novella

Gunny can have all the money, food, and prestige he has fought to earn. He just needs to look the other way.

Find out how Gunny and Clive started working together from Gunny's perspective.

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Get A Free Short Story Now!

Learn how Raven met Raptor and had his first taste of being a superhero!

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Check out the new Science Fiction Series

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This is a short story.
Aliens killed him, reanimated him, controlled him, and made him a tool of destruction. Now he isn’t controlled anymore, but he is still a complete tool.

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